Blasts in NE Nigeria Mosque Kill Dozens – Voice of America

At least 30 people were killed in northeastern Nigeria after bomb blasts in Borno state, where the militant group Boko Haram is active.

Nigerian emergency officials said Friday that two suicide bombers blew themselves up inside a mosque late Thursday in the state capital, Maiduguri.

The blasts were timed so that the second one killed many people who had gathered to offer help after the first blast. The bombs were detonated while people were gathered for evening prayers.

Dozens of people were also wounded in the blasts. Police told the French news agency AFP the mosque was heavily damaged.

While no one has claimed responsibility for the blasts, the Boko Haram militant group formed in northeastern Nigeria and announced its intention to create a strict Islamic state there.

Regional attacks

Boko Haram has staged cross-border attacks in the other nations bordering the region.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced the U.S. is sending American military personnel to conduct airborne surveillance of militant activity in an effort to help Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Benin and Niger in their joint initiative to wipe out the militant threat.

Obama said the U.S. force will be headquartered in Cameroon and will eventually number about 300.

A U.S. defense official has said they will stay “as long as their presence is requested.”


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