Bill Maher Supports Cruz Over Trump: Better Ted Than Dead – Daily Beast

So, while acknowledging that Republicans are “stuck between a rock and a gross place,” Maher announced: “We have to accept that being a grown-up means hard choices between disgusting options. You have to decide—we all have to decide—so, let me just say, in the choice between Trump and Cruz, I foresquarely choose: Ted Cruz.”

Then, he took a big swig out of a jug marked ‘Bleach.’

“Here’s the deal breaker with Donald Trump: he’s a lunatic,” Maher continued. “If a non-rich or non-white person said the things he says, they wouldn’t put him in the White House—they’d put him in Bellevue. We can’t make a crazy person commander-in-chief, there are actual job requirements. It’s not like Mardi Gras parade king.”

“Do I think President Trump would actually disappear people? No, but I can’t rule it out,” he went on. “With him, I can’t rule anything out. What does he do on day one? Send Megyn Kelly to Guantanamo Bay? Or me? He’s already sued me! The president signs off on a kill list every day and sends out the drones, and I like going outside. So, yes, Ted Cruz will be our worst president, but Donald Trump might well be our last. Which is why I say: Better Ted Than Dead.”


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