The bar that billed itself the “world’s largest biker bar” has been destroyed by a fire.

Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis gained popularity through a reality TV series.

The bar was only fully open for a ten day period each year during the Sturgis Rally.

With everything from zip lines to music stages, and even a pet donkey – it was more than enough time for the bar to make a name for itself.

It took a massive force to bring down the colossal bar. Firefighters worked through the night trying to contain the flames that broke out around midnight. But by 3:00 a.m., the bar had burned to the ground.

“It was just a big shock to the system,” said Jacob McCollar, Sioux Falls Motorcyclist.

Even on the other side of the state, the news shook McCollar.

“I was just there less than 48 hours ago,” said McCollar.

McCollar stopped at the bar while on a trip out west.

“The different amenities and little treasures I guess you could say of that specific bar. The different personas and things that go on, like Emmett the donkey,” said McCollar.

He says it’s surreal to think the landmark won’t be there on his next trip.

“Knowing that I was in that building a short time ago and then now it is completely gone,” said McCollar.

Not everyone in the biker community is shaken up over the fire.

“The Full Throttle was actually just another entertainment venue for people to attend while they’re attending Sturgis,” said Jim Entenman, Co-owner of J&L Harley-Davidson.

Entenman says there are plenty of other venues in Sturgis with just as much nostalgia as Full Throttle.

“People like to see it because maybe they’ve heard of it. They’ve heard of the TV program, so it always draws people’s curiosity,” said Entenman.

As for how the loss will affect future rallies, Entenman doesn’t think it will make much of a dent.

“I don’t think it’s going to have any economic impact at all on the black hills or on the rally itself,” said Entenman.

There were no injuries in the fire. Even Emmett the pet donkey made it out safely.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

There is no word on whether the owner plans to rebuild.