Best week in Washington: Barack Obama’s legacy – CNN

Washington (CNN)June is legacy month for President Barack Obama.

After the Supreme Court, for a second time, refused to gut the Affordable Care Act and a deal with Republicans revived his trade agenda, Obama is two-thirds of the way to three big wins that will help define his place in history.

Next up is the prospect of a nuclear deal with Iran, as U.S. negotiators head to Europe to try to clinch a final agreement that would represent at striking, if partial, break with more than 30 years of visceral hostility between Washington and Tehran.

For sure, one good week does not change the prevailing dynamic of bitterness and polarization in Washington. Each of the three big legacy items is deeply contentious, has ripped new political divides and could be overturned by a future GOP president.

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Republicans will run for the White House in 2016 against Obamacare, and many foreign policy watchers, including in the President’s own Democratic Party, are deeply skeptical he will secure a “good” deal with the Islamic Republic. Conservatives also remain convinced that the President has embarked on a series of unconstitutional power grabs with executive actions on the environment and immigration reform.


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