Battle of Waterloo veteran discovered, remembered –

A ceremony Thursday commemorated a veteran of the Battle of Waterloo, whose grave was recently discovered in a small community in eastern P.E.I.

Waterloo was Napoleon Bonaparte’s final battle, 200 years ago this year.

It was 90-year-old Fred Delory that discovered the connection to one of the world’s most famous battles and Georgetown, a town of 675 people at the extreme eastern end of Prince Edward Island.

Battle of Waterloo veteran grave site

Fred Delory and Helen Martell at the grave site of James Quinn. (CBC)

Delory walks the grounds of the St. James Cemetery in Georgetown regularly, visiting the people he knew growing up. He was doing just that a couple of years ago when he came across a great discovery, the grave of James Quinn.

“James Quinn of the 27th Regiment foot Enniskillens. and fought at Waterloo,” the headstone reads.

“Never saw any monuments to anybody from Waterloo,” said Delory.

“So that was just a matter of interest,”

James Quinn was from Ireland but settled in eastern P.E.I., dying there in 1873..

Delory decided 2015, the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, would be a good time to do something in recognition of Quinn.

“Since I’m a former foot solider, 1943-45, he has my sympathy,” said Delory.

“I thought I should do something for him. I think any solider needs a bit of remembrance.”

For local history buffs like Joe Murphy the grave was a great discovery. He said there wouldn’t be many soldiers from the battle buried in Canada.

“I’ve been to Belgium and I’ve been at Waterloo,” said Murphy.

“When I found that there was this connection to my home town I just found that fascinating.”

Some of Quinn’s ancestors were also at the memorial.

“It’s a very special occasion,” said Helen Martell.

“I came all the way down from Montague to be eaten by misquotes here, but I thought it was a very, very special occasion in my life.

Deloroy plans to be buried in the St. James Cemetery when his time comes, and he said he’s proud to share his final resting place with someone like James Quinn.


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