MADISON TWP. — It started out like any other Monday.

Zayd Ahmed, a junior at Madison High School, was printing out a resume in the library. Jordan Eslick, a sophomore, was listening to music in gym class.

Then, chaos.

“He just pulled out the gun and started firing,” a 911 caller told police around 11:15 a.m. The fear in the caller’s voice came through in heavy breaths.

Ahmed walked out of the library when he heard the first shot. Then, nothing. Then, “bang bang bang bang.”

He ran back to the library and huddled with other students in a storage closet. His legs wouldn’t stop shaking.

Elsewhere, teachers ushered Eslick into a locker room. He didn’t hear the shots and didn’t know what was happening. He was scared. He called his father.

Noah Sheely, a freshman, grabbed a hammer from his engineering classroom and ran into what he described as a walk-in closet with the rest of his class.



A 14-year-old male student is accused of shooting two other male teen students in the cafeteria of a Butler County school about 11:15 a.m. Monday.