A night of music and dance turns into a deadly inferno at Oakland warehouse – Los Angeles Times

The night was young, and Seung Lee liked the vibe of the dance party just starting in an old warehouse in the Fruitvale District, so he and two friends decided to stay. But first they needed to get some drinks at the liquor store down the block.

They climbed down the wood pallets that spanned a gap in the staircase, and into the artist compound on the first floor. They made their way through the warren of canvases, sculptures, boxes, curtains, pianos, furniture, salvaged doors and windows, and stepped into the cool bay air.

A short time later, walking back with cans of Olde English and a bottle of Fireball whiskey, they froze.

Black smoke poured out of the warehouse’s first floor, and fire raged out the back.


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