A Major Manhunt Is Underway After 12 Inmates Escaped From An Alabama Jail – BuzzFeed News

A massive manhunt is underway in Alabama after twelve inmates escaped from a jail northwest of Birmingham. Eight of the inmates have been recaptured.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office announced the jail escape Sunday In a Facebook post that was updated through the night, as authorities captured six, then eight, of the inmates. As of early Monday morning, four inmates remained at large, including one of the two escapees serving time for attempted murder.

The statement did not provide information about how or when the inmates escaped. BuzzFeed News reached out to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for additional details, but did not immediately hear back Sunday night.

The sheriff’s Facebook post did list the names and ages of all 12 inmates, as well as the charges for which they were sentenced and photos of those still on the loose. The statement also offers a $500 award for information leading to the prisoners’ recapture.

As the search dragged on early Monday morning, the Jasper Police Department warned residents to stay indoors and lock their doors.

“JPD has activated additional personnel to assist the Walker County Sheriff’s Office in locating multiple escaped inmates from the Walker County Jail. We ask that downtown residents stay indoors and turn on all outdoor lighting.”


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