Several people were arrested, including two involved in a shooting that left one protester injured, during an anti-Donald Trump demonstration on Saturday night in Portland, Ore.

Police arrested Steffon Marquise Corothers and Shamar Xavier Hunter, both 18, in the shooting on the Morrison Bridge, according to The Oregonian. The two were charged with attempted murder and unlawful use of a weapon, police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson. Corothers also received one count of attempted murder and Hunter was charged with six counts of attempted murder.

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Corothers and Hunter were originally two of four people who were detained early Saturday after an off-duty police officer saw them in a suspicious vehicle, Simpson said.

The wounded victim was suffering from non-life threatening injuries, police said. The victim wasn’t identified.

Authorities in Portland were forced to arrest and use some force against aggressive groups over the night. Police arrested 19 people and there were a few instances of protesters assaulting others through the night. Protesters were also seen throwing burning road flares at police.

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales expressed his frustrations with the four nights of protests, which has seen plenty of vandalism and violence on the streets.

“Going to the streets for another night is not going to keep Donald Trump from taking office. It isn’t going to change anything,” he said.

Hales also those who are opposed to President-elect Trump shouldn’t be destroying the city or targeting law enforcement.

There has been great unrest about this election. And there are people who are profoundly concerned about the future of our country. I’m one of them. But here’s my message. That is not the work of four days. That is the work of four years,” Hales added. “Get involved. But don’t come participate in a protest in downtown Portland that has been taken over the last three nights by people who simply want to fight with police.”

Portland was just one city that saw another night of protests. Tens of thousands of people marched in streets across the U.S. – including in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, and the smaller cities such as Worcester, Mass and Iowa City, Iowa.

Protesters rallied at New York’s Union Square before taking their cause up Fifth Avenue toward Trump Tower, where they were held back by police barricades.

The Republican president-elect was holed up inside his tower apartment, working with aides on the transition to the White House.

Demonstrators in Indianapolis on Saturday threw rocks at police, slightly injuring two officers, said Police Chief Troy Riggs. Some protesters began chanting threats including “Kill the Police,” and officers moved in to arrest seven demonstrators.

Police briefly fired pepper balls into the crowd during the confrontation.

“We believe that we have some instigators that arrived in our city,” trying to start a riot, Riggs said.

In Los Angeles, an estimated 8,000 people marched through downtown streets Saturday to condemn what they saw as Trump’s hate speech about Muslims, pledge to deport people in the country illegally and crude comments about women.

Jennifer Cruz, 18, of Ventura, California, carried a sign that asked: “Legalize weed but not my Mom?” — a reference to Californians’ Tuesday passage of a measure legalizing recreational marijuana use.

Cruz said her parents have been in the United States illegally for 30 years, although her mother has spent years seeking citizenship. She called the possibility of their deportation terrifying.

“We talk about it almost every day,” she said. “My Mom wants to leave it in the hands of God, but I’m not just going to sit back and not do anything. I’m going to fight for my parents, even if it kills me.”

In other parts of the country, spirited demonstrations on college campuses and peaceful marches along downtown streets have taken place since Wednesday.

Evening marches disrupted traffic in Miami and Atlanta.

Demonstrations also took place internationally. A group of Mexicans at statue representing independence in Mexico City expressed their concerns about a possible wave of deportations. One school teacher said it would add to the “unrest” that’s already in Mexico.

About 300 people protested Trump’s election as the next American president outside the U.S. Embassy near the landmark Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

President Barack Obama meets in Berlin next week with Chancellor Angela Merkel and several other European leaders, and is expected to confront global concerns about Trump’s election.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.