10 Incredible Experiences I Had Playing the Final Oculus Rift – TIME

If there’s a point that spending the day with an Oculus Rift strapped to your face reinforces, it’s that sufficiently conveying the experience of virtual reality with mere words is impossible. In videos, Lucky’s Tale looks like any other cutesy 3D game where you dash and jump between platforms. But pull on the Rift, and there’s no way to translate what happens, save that buzzwords like “presence” become eerily accurate, the immediacy of being a movable head inside a box of wonders driven home by your ability to scoot towards or crane your neck over or peer around the corner of virtually anything at all.

So imagine, if you can, the extraordinary feeling that arises when you can lean down until your face is inches from Lucky, the game’s anthropometric fox-hero. Do so and he’ll “notice” you, then mug for…well, it’s not really the camera, because now your head’s doing the looking instead of your fingers waggling a joystick. And it’s that ability to perceive objects in uncanny detail up close, or perceive them from any direction by subtly shifting your head just as you would in real life, that finally overwhelms your brain’s logic centers, immersing you completely in studio Playful’s dazzling carnival of the imagination.

Lucky’s Tale comes bundled with the Rift at launch on March 28.


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