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Sam Jeffree wasn’t sure what to think when he received an email from TruGreen lawn care recently telling him his email address would be discontinued.

He hadn’t heard a thing about it from Verizon.

“You’d think Verizon would alert its customers faster than another business would,” said the West Seneca resident.

Jeffree is among Verizon email customers who have been getting mixed signals lately.

Some customers have received notices from companies they do business with warning them that their email address will be discontinued by April 28, and that they should adjust their log-in information or provide a new contact email address. Those same customers said they heard nothing from Verizon.

Turns out it’s true, but not for every customer. Verizon will no longer support some email accounts ending in “” as early as Friday, but the affected customers have already been notified, the company said.

“The April 28 date only applied to customers who received communication directly from Verizon,” said John H. Johnson, a spokesman for the telecommunications company. email accounts will be discontinued in batches, so users are being notified accordingly. In some cases, other companies beat them to it.

“Notifications are going out on a rolling basis,” Johnson said. “Unfortunately, many companies have issued communications to their customers stating this inaccurate April 28 applies to all. It does not.”

Only a portion of users will lose their service April 28, but all of them will lose it eventually. So far, Verizon has only notified those whose accounts will close on Friday.

If you have a email address and want to keep it, you’ll have two options, according to Verizon. Migrate your account to AOL Mail, which will keep your emails, contacts, calendars and email address intact. Or, if you choose to go with another provider such as Outlook or Gmail, you can move your email, contacts and calendars to the new account manually. If you go that route, you will no longer have use of your email address. Verizon does not charge a fee for either option.

Verizon acquired AOL in 2015.

The company has not sold its email service in more than two years, it said. It sent emails to anyone with an April 28 deadline more than a month ago.

Marketing companies have lamented the change away from, since their databases will soon be filled with dead-end accounts and lost leads. Companies such as Charles Schwab, Zulilly and JetBlue Airlines have notified customers of the change and asked them to update their contact information so they wouldn’t lose touch after the switch.

AAA of Western and Central New York was one of the companies asking clients to either confirm or update their email address.

“Email is an important way that we communicate with our members and we didn’t want to lose that touchpoint,” said Laura Wahler, a spokeswoman for AAA.

So why hasn’t Verizon notified all of its customers about a change it knows is coming?

“For technical reasons that I don’t understand well enough to explain to you,” Johnson said.


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