Xbox One X: Microsoft on its vision for the new console –

With Microsoft gearing up to launch an upgraded video games console in the form of Xbox One X, you would think the company would be feeling under pressure. But in something of a tone change for for the tech giant, Microsoft are looking to play it cool. Fully unveiled in Microsoft’s E3 2017 press briefing, the Xbox One X is a 4K-enabled upgrade to the existing Xbox One console. It is, in the words of the company, “the most powerful games console in the world” and will be going head-to-head with Sony’s own 4K console the PS4 Pro. Sony has been leading the pack with PlayStation in this console generation and Microsoft are working to claw that back.

 Testing times, perhaps. But backstage at the conference Xbox’s head of global marketing Mike Nichols appears relaxed after it was announced the console would cost £449 when it releases on 7 November. The reception to the reveal has been two-fold, with fans praising Microsoft’s unusually diverse games line-up but questioning if the price for the new console is too steep when compared to the £349 of the PS4 Pro.

 Here we talk to Nichols about Microsoft’s vision for their new console.

You are positioning the X very much as a premium product, do you expect more mainstream interest or are you focusing on the technophiles?

We started the project that lead to Xbox One X about four years ago in total, from an engineering perspective it’s been two to three years of working on it in earnest. When we were working on the project, the vision we had was we wanted to deliver a console without any compromises. So for people that had a 4K TV it would play in 4K. We believed we could work on technology that was also applicable on a 1080p TV to make it look better.

The second thing we decided was rather than this being a new generation per se, even though the level of technological innovation is of that ilk, we really wanted to offer choice for customers to say “what do I value, how much money am I willing to pay, how important is performance for me?” And then people can choose.


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