Windows smartphone owners question Microsoft’s commitment after OneDrive space … – Computerworld

Just as Apple got the size of its iOS upgrades under better control, Microsoft drastically slashed the free allotment of its OneDrive storage service.

Ironic? Absolutely: The OneDrive users who have complained the loudest about the reductions weren’t iPhone owners — the focus of Microsoft‘s 2014 storage expansion — but Windows loyalists who had committed to the ecosystem, especially Windows smartphones, which continue to struggle in the marketplace.

In September 2014, Microsoft used negative news about Apple’s iOS 8 to double the free space on its OneDrive cloud service. A month after Apple rolled out a diet-plan iOS 9, Microsoft pared OneDrive’s free allowance by 83%.

Last year, some iPhone owners were forced to delete content before installing the then-new iOS 8 because of tight storage space on their smartphones and the large size of the new OS. Microsoft exploited the widespread reports of Apple’s dilemma to tout OneDrive as an alternative to iOS users removing apps, music and documents — but especially photographs — to reclaim enough room to upgrade iPhones and iPads with skimpy local storage.


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