Why Hillary’s Email Saga Hurts – Slate Magazine

At the same time, Clinton’s email isn’t irrelevant. For journalists and other observers, it offers an important look at how she operates. That Clinton used private email at all shows her flexible approach to rules and regulations and a secretive reflex for conducting official business. “Using a personal email account exclusively is a potent prescription for flouting the Federal Records Act and circumventing the Freedom of Information Act,” explained Daniel Metcalfe, former director of the Justice Department’s Office of Information Policy, to PolitiFact. “And there can be little doubt that Clinton knew this full well.” It may not matter to voters, but it’s important to know if Clinton plans to carry this secrecy—and public evasiveness—to the Oval Office, if she’s elected president. (Here, it’s worth noting that, as Florida governor, Jeb Bush also conducted business from a personal account, and didn’t release his correspondence for seven years.)


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