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Snisser147: “Speed

It’s free





Terminal <3

Package manager

Good for programming

Theming & Customization -> Looks pretty good!

Does everything I need to do extremely good/fast/reliably

Linux is just a joy to use IMHO! :)”

Djcabbagehead: “Because Free as in FREEDOM.”

JoJo)Pose: “I watched as MS tripped over itself with Windows 8. “That’s fine, I’ll stick with 7″ I said. Then my hopes for Windows 10 were dashed, and I said “that’s fine, I’ll stick with 7″.

Then they started backporting telemetry under hidden security updates and kept un-hiding the windows updates I’d hidden for the windows 10 upgrade. I just said…it and grabbed Mint.>”

Gabboman: “Because I love it, I love tweaking it, and I love breaking it to fix it again.”

Cismalescumlord: “The big one is trust.”

Drdeadringers: “I can’t even remember what the last straw was, but I had just got plain fed up with Windows. A mountain of annoyances and a waste of time.

iOS has it’s own rolling hills of annoyances, but so far is almost tolerable.

Linux… oh look, I can use my computer. Who would have thunk?”

Somaek: “I’d love to say that it is because GNU/Linux respects my freedom and that I love and support the FLOSS movement. While those things are certainly true, I am a tinkerer. I love to mess with things and customize them. No other platform allows the for the amount of tweaking, mixing and matching, and tinkering than Linux.

I have also found that I can usually find a linux distribution that runs more stably and efficiently than whatever proprietary software, which shipped with whatever hardware I purchased.”

AtmosphereLabor: “Trust




Workflow (all my servers are linux based)

Speed and less bloat


Windows 10 was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Couldn’t swallow that pill and finally made the jump full time.”

Tea-drinker: “Windows comes in lite, home, office, pro, ultimate, post-truth, cherry, and windows for warships editions. You get what you pay for. Warship not included.

Linux comes in industrial grade let’s-get-it-done edition.

When I started learning Swedish, Microsoft offered to sell me a language pack for windows. And another one for office.

When I switched languages on Linux, I clicked ok and everything from the command line up changed over.”

0x6f6d67686178: “Native package management

Powerful CLI

FLOSS Programmer-oriented features

Relatively fast security patches

Long-term support


Variety of desktop environments

Runs on many different architectures

Lack of data mining

Many things run Linux — routers, IoT devices, Android phones, and more. As such, familiarity with Linux is useful in a lot of situations.

That being said, I don’t exclusively use Linux.”

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