White House Bars 4 U.S. Journalists From Trump’s Dinner With Kim in Hanoi – The New York Times

Mr. Trump and his aides frequently complain about journalists’ habit of asking questions during his formal appearances with world leaders, deeming the practice — traditionally a standard procedure for White House reporters — impertinent and discourteous. In one case last year, a CNN reporter was barred from a Rose Garden news conference after aides objected to her calling out questions to Mr. Trump; the inquiries at issue then also involved Mr. Cohen.

In Hanoi on Wednesday, several American photojournalists objected to Ms. Sanders’s plan, telling her they would not photograph Mr. Trump’s appearance if other reporters were not allowed in the room.

The White House ultimately agreed to allow in one print reporter, from The Wall Street Journal. Reporters from The A.P., Bloomberg News, The Los Angeles Times and Reuters were kept out.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the meetings, we have limited the pool for the dinner to a smaller group,” Ms. Sanders said in an emailed statement. She added, “We are continuing to negotiate aspects of this historic summit and will always work to make sure the U.S. media has as much access as possible.”

The action was quickly denounced by American news organizations and press advocates.

“The Associated Press decries such efforts by the White House to restrict access to the president,” Lauren Easton, a spokeswoman for The A.P., said. “It is critically important that any president uphold American press freedom standards, not only at home but especially while abroad.”


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