Where Google badly trails its rivals – CNBC

Google enters the event with momentum, after reportedly winning some business from Apple, another big AWS customer. (The company is also set to announce Wednesday that it won some of Home Depot‘s cloud business.)

“This win helps Google Cloud Platform catch up to Amazon and Microsoft, at least in terms of perception, as a real third player in the space instead of a distant third,” Evan Wilson, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, wrote in a March 16 report.

From a numbers standpoint, Google is actually a distant fourth in the $23 billion cloud infrastructure services market, according to Synergy Research Group. AWS ranks first with 31 percent, followed by Microsoft Azure at 9 percent, IBM at 7 percent and Google Cloud Platform at 4 percent, Synergy data show. That means of Google parent Alphabet’s $75 billion in revenue, less than $1 billion came from cloud infrastructure.

Gartner projects industry growth of greater than 30 percent annually through 2018 as more of the world’s largest and data-heavy companies shift applications from their own data centers to the cloud to gain speed, efficiency and access across employees’ devices.


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