Microsoft 1978Usually, there’s a question above the photo: “Would you have invested?”Microsoft

More than just a ragtag group of bearded weirdos assembled for a family portrait in Albuquerque, this gaggle of amazingly retro folks is responsible for creating Microsoft.

Maybe you spotted a precocious Bill Gates in the lower left? Look at that killer head of hair!

The photo was taken just before the then-startup left Albuquerque for Seattle. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft couldn’t find anyone willing to move to New Mexico.

Early employee Bob Greenberg, pictured in the middle, won the free portrait after calling in to a radio show and guessing the name of an assassinated president. The gang gathered together in some of their finest late-’70s attire, and an American business legend was born.

Most of us know what happened with the two guys in the bottom left and bottom right corners — Bill Gates, and Paul Allen. But what about the rest? Let’s dig in!

Jay Yarow contributed to an earlier version of this story.