What’s the real goal with Microsoft Garage? – Computerworld

There’s an entire team at Microsoft that just made an app that can identify your dog.

Called Fetch!, it uses AI to determine — based on a photo you snap — if you have a Doberman or a Border Collie. It’s obviously a proof of concept (and, sadly, won’t work with my Border Collie-Lab mix named Abby because she’s not a purebred). You can also take pictures of people and then see which dog they resemble, one of the strangest features in an app Microsoft has ever released.

“You’ll make fun of each other, comparing which breeds you look like and posting the tagged descriptions,” says the app description on the Garage site.

Ostensibly, the apps are always meant to showcase the talents of the team and Microsoft Research. Image identification is not easy because it involves comparing the shape of the image to a massive photo library in milliseconds. It also showcases the speed of the cloud and app development itself. The Garage team just released a news reader app called News Pro. There’s no question these apps are innovative, fun…and a little perplexing.


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