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Microsoft Band 2

Whether you’re a fan of Microsoft or not, the company’s support of more than just it’s own operating systems is something we can all benefit from. This much remains true with the new Microsoft Band, with most functionality still being made available to folks who prefer Android in their pockets over Windows.

With that in mind, our pals over at Windows Central have just posted their full, detailed review on Microsoft’s latest fitness oriented wearable. A snippet:

“Overall, Microsoft did right with the Band 2. The new design not only feels better than the first one, but the whole thing looks more elegant too. The price point is fair, and there are no real weaknesses to it. Most drawbacks are likely to be addressed in forthcoming firmware and software updates, which also lets Microsoft add new features.”

We’re not short on wearables that support Android and fitness, but the new Microsoft Band remains an interesting proposition. I’m still using my first-gen Band (because the new one isn’t available in the UK yet) and would happily warn against dismissing it. It’s a product I’ve been very happy with.

So, head on over and check out the review at the link below. Maybe it’s something you could get behind. Either way, it’s a great review to add to your reading list.

Windows Central reviews the Microsoft Band 2


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