WARNING: Your Computer May Upgrade to Windows 10 Without Your Permission – Huffington Post

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing it is all about the money. Microsoft may be giving away “free” upgrades to Windows 10, but they clearly plan to monetize Windows 10 after they get it installed on your computer. It could be through personal data collection, additional targeted advertising, pushing “premium” subscriptions, or a variety of other means. The more machines they convert to Windows 10, the more money they can make down the road. But what surprises me is how they are doing this. It’s one thing if people freely decide to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It’s an entirely different thing if they are tricked and forced into upgrading. Why would Microsoft risk the negative publicity and backlash from doing this? It’s frankly shocking, and as I wrote above, I wouldn’t believe they are actually doing this, except that it happened to us, and that’s why I wanted to warn you. I use my Windows 7 computer to make a living doing design work. I often have tight deadlines. I can’t imagine having my computer taken over for three hours in the middle of the day when I’m working on a project that has to be finished that day. What kind of corporation would take over someone’s computer? In addition, anytime you upgrade an operating system, you risk turning the computer you use to make a living into a big useless paperweight. Why would a corporation force this risk on me without my permission? From the articles and comments I found online, I am not the only angry, upset person.


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