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OneDrive users on Tuesday took to an online petition website and to Microsoft’s own UserVoice feature request service to demand that the company rethink its decision to reduce free storage allotments by 83 percent.

On the petition site, an open letter to the OneDrive team asked for a U-turn. “The newest changes to the storage plans have bought much concern to the OneDrive and Windows community,” the petition said. “Discontinuing the unlimited storage option on grounds of abuse is fair enough, but why go to the extent of punishing all your customers?”

As of early Wednesday, the petition had collected nearly 2,000 virtual signatures.

The petition argued for a restoration of the eliminated 100GB and 200GB plans, which Microsoft said would be eliminated in favor of a new 50GB deal, and urged that the cap for Office 365 subscribers be 2TB, double Microsoft’s new limit.

onedrive petition

OneDrive users kicked off a petition on Tuesday, asking Microsoft to reconsider the slashing of free storage space by 83%.

A promise reneged upon

Late Monday, Microsoft also said it would lower the free allotment from 15GB—which had equaled that of Google’s Drive—to 5GB, or the same as Apple’s parsimonious iCloud, in early 2016. At the same time, it will also dump the 15GB “camera roll,” which Microsoft has handed out since September 2014 to smartphone owners who activated the auto-upload option for their photographs.

While much of the attention paid to Microsoft’s OneDrive announcement focused on the company eliminating unlimited storage for Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscribers—a move Microsoft attributed to abuse by a few gluttons—most of those who left comments on the petition bewailed the reduction of the free allowance and the disappearance of the bonus photo storage space.

The reductions—from a total of 30GB for those with the camera roll enabled—to just 5GB, penalized the most loyal Microsoft customers, some argued.

“I do not pay for Office 365 but I do represent a big percentage of OneDrive users who had and used their free 15GB of storage + extra 15GB camera roll bonus,” wrote Tim Moose early Wednesday. “5GB for pictures and documents is ludicrous. This extra storage was one of the reasons I boarded the Microsoft ship, buying a Lumia, a Windows 10 PC and an Xbox One. Is this part of the cloud strategy? If it is, your strategy should be revised.”


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