Trump Budget to Request $8.6 Billion in Additional Wall Funding – The New York Times

Larry Kudlow, the head of Mr. Trump’s National Economic Council, confirmed the request for wall money on “Fox News Sunday.” Mr. Kudlow added that he supposes “there will be” a fight over that spending in Congress.

“I would just say that the whole issue of the wall and border security is of paramount importance,” Mr. Kudlow said. “We have a crisis down there.”

Mr. Kudlow also defended proposed cuts to government programs that the budget is expected to include, and said the administration projects the economy will grow 3 percent this year, a forecast well above what the Federal Reserve and other outside economists expect.

Mr. Trump’s budget is most likely dead on arrival in Congress, where Democrats now control the House. Many of his past proposals, including cuts in some federal spending programs, additional border wall funding and a large federal infrastructure initiative, failed to advance in Congress even when Republicans controlled both chambers.


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