Top 5 internet of things trends of 2016 – CIO

The burgeoning internet of things (IoT) stands poised to change our world in ways as profound as the dawn of the Internet age, if not more so, by merging the physical with the digital. 2016 saw IoT begin to realize its potential.

Here are our picks for the most significant IoT trends in 2016, as illustrated in 18 stories from the past year.

Envisioning a new world with IoT

Connected cars and fitness monitors are well-established IoT devices in the public imagination at this point, but IoT is also already trickling into our world in other profound ways, from utilities, to retail, municipalities and more.

How IoT makes electricity generation more efficient

With the help of GE Power, the New York Power Authority is leveraging sensors and predictive analytics to reduce unplanned downtime and make its 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines more efficient.


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