Toobin: Having "So Many Bad Stories" About Trump "Almost Helps The President," Hard To Keep Up With – RealClearPolitics

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin explains his theory why having so many bad stories come out about President Trump “almost helps” him on Tuesday’s broadcast of ‘CNN Tonight’ with host Don Lemon.

“Jeffrey, how many more bombshell reports that we need like Maggie [Haberman]’s because every week there is a bombshell report?” Lemon asked.

“In a curious way, it almost helps the president that there are so many bad stories that come out about him, it’s very hard to keep up with them. I do this for a living and I have a hard time keeping up,” Toobin said.

“People get lost in how unprecedented this is and how beyond the norms and not only just the norms of politics,” Lemon said.


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