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“Stranger Things” is
Netflix’s latest hit show.

Netflix/Stranger Things

Have you recently received an emailed bill for a Netflix account
you don’t remember paying for? Then you might be being scammed —
but not how you think.

This Is Money reports that criminals have started sending
fraudulent emails out to potential victims
, purporting to be
from Apple. The emails look legitimate, and pretend to be receipt
for purchases made on the target’s iTunes or App Store account —
sometimes including a subscription to Netflix.

The victim freaks out, assuming that someone has managed to gain
access to their account and is using it to pay for Netflix, and
clicks the “refund” or “manage subscriptions” link in the email.

This then takes them to a website masquerading as the Apple
website, which prompts them to enter their account and credit
card details for the “refund” to go through.

And just like that, the victim is tricked into handing over their
bank details to the scammers.

The scam isn’t just limited to fake Netflix subscriptions. Albums
from iTunes have been seen used too — and theoretically, the scam
could work with any kind of online shop. A fake Amazon email
might claim someone used your account to buy a piano, or a
fraudulent eBay email might pretend you’ve bought a car.

To avoid being stung, always check the email address sending a
suspicious email — and because the email sender can be spoofed,
always make sure any links it wants you to click are to
legitimate versions of the company’s website. If in doubt,
navigate to it independently via your browser, rather than
relying on the links provided in a suspect message.

“The iTunes Store will never ask you to provide personal
information or sensitive account information (such as passwords
or credit card numbers) via email,”
Apple says