The only things you really need to know about Microsoft’s E3 press event – Boing Boing


It’s time for E3, the annual bonanza of stunning stage shows, luminous trailers and nervous-looking men who say “epic” a lot. The whole experience is often an assault on the senses and on taste, and it can also be intimidating for people who are interested in video games but don’t have up-to-date Brand Literacy or Consumer Habits.

Luckily we at Offworld will piece through the marketing-speak, tell apart the videos of trundling forearms and apocalyptic landscapes, skin away the dire trappings of “gamer culture”, and unearth for you some tiny gems of merit. We start with Microsoft’s press conference; Sony’s is later. We won’t bother with individual software publishers, because everything good they make generally has a cameo on the hardware-maker’s stage.