The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry: Live updates – CNN

The big question is whether Democrats can pin down when, why and how Trump held back funding for Ukraine over the summer and into September. Relevant documents live all over, including at the Pentagon, where House Democrats delivered subpoenas Monday.

What are Democrats looking for? CNN’s Barbara Starr reports from a senior defense official with direct knowledge of the subpoena that some of the requested documents are essentially White House materials that Hill investigators could access by way of the Pentagon.

Will they get it? Starr adds the DoD response to the entire request will be coordinated with the White House.

Democrats are moving quickly. The official noted that typically the Pentagon receives an initial request for documentation when there is a congressional review, but this time the first word of a request came in the form of subpoenas.

This search for documents will become a theme and the production of previously requested documents is coming in a trickle. CNN’s Lauren Fox reports from Capitol Hill that an aide says the Office of Management and Budget “did not turn over all the documents and information the Committees requested” after they were requested.

Subpoenaed so far:


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