The Janus explanation: It’s Microsoft or Apple – Macworld

What is the law? The law is that if anyone does well at anything, it must be at Apple’s expense. That is the law.

Writing for CIO, Sarah K. White explains “How Microsoft rebounded to outshine Apple.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Jack Broyles, Jr.)

And now, a lede from Microsoft’s marketing department.

Microsoft claims that more people are switching to Surface devices from Macs than ever before.

1 times 2 is 2! Zero plus 1 is 1!

Now Microsoft owes Amazon a quarter for using their patented “We’re awesome, no, we won’t give you numbers to back it up” formula.

White harkens back to the Surface’s humble beginnings.

…the Surface RT did so poorly that Microsoft had to take a $900 million dollar write-down after drastically cutting the price of the device.

Ahhh, good times. Prince, Bowie and Carrie Fisher were still alive. Things made sense back then.

Unlike this crappy timeline we’re in now. On the other hand, this goatee is pretty jaunty.


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