The Internet’s ‘Texts From Hillary’ Meme Likely Led To Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal – UPROXX

Hillary Clinton Testifies Before House Select Committee On Benghazi Attacks

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Back in October, Bernie Sanders famously declared that people were sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s damn emails. Yet here we are, eight months later, still talking about them. Your level of horror at hearing Hillary ran all her sensitive Secretary of State emails through a personal server hosted in her bathroom really depends on your technical savvy. Network admins have compiled a laundry list of mind-boggling security flaws with how that server was run.

But even the less technical folks out there noticed something was odd with the way Hillary was running things before the existence of her server became known. Back in 2012, people on the internet had a fun couple of weeks making “texts from Hillary” memes showing Hillary using her Blackberry phone. But wait a second … aren’t Blackberry phones banned for high-end governmental use due to numerous security issues?


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