The Internet turned Tay, Microsoft’s fun millennial AI bot, into a genocidal maniac – Chicago Tribune

It took mere hours for the Internet to transform Tay, the teenage A.I. bot who wants to chat with and learn from millennials, into Tay, the racist and genocidal A.I. bot who liked to reference Hitler. And now Tay is taking a break.

“c u soon humans need sleep now so many conversations today thx,” Tay tweeted.

Tay is a project of Microsoft’s Technology and Research and Bing teams. Tay was designed to “experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding.” She speaks in text, meme, and emoji on a couple of different platforms, including Kik, Groupme and Twitter. Although Microsoft was light on specifics, the idea was that Tay would learn from her conversations over time. She would become an even better, fun conversation-loving bot after having a bunch of fun, very not racist conversations with the Internet’s upstanding citizens.

Except Tay learned a lot more, thanks in part to the trolls at 4chan’s /pol/ board.


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