The “How Does a Community Internet Organizer Work?” Transcript – Slate Magazine

Nucera: Well, yes. It can also potentially harm and further criminalize people who are already often criminalized. When you think about a neighborhood, for instance, that is maybe facing some crime or whatever but is in the midst of this real estate change, the open data about that neighborhood can shift the opportunities those residents have. As we dove into it, that’s what we asked the Digital Justice Coalition to really think about—like, what does open data mean to the day-to-day person? Not just the journalists, not just the app developers, not just the building developers—but how can it be beneficial, and also harmful, to those who just live in the city? We realized that there are actually not a whole lot of cases of people using it to their benefit, so we started really working on understanding, what is people’s relationship with data? We’re in this culture where we’re constantly giving away our information.


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