The first Democratic debate, night 2: Live updates – CNN

In arguing for a candidate from a new generation to be the Democratic nominee, California Rep. Eric Swalwell quoted Joe Biden in 1987 at the California Democratic convention. 

Facts First: Biden did say this February 3, 1987, at the California Democratic convention and it was a part of his stump speech during his 1988 presidential campaign and in appearances during the previous year. He was quoting John F. Kennedy and talking about how it made him feel at the time. 

“Remember how you felt when you heard let the word go forth, from this time and place, that the torch has been passed. Passed to a new generation of Americans,” Biden said, quoting President John F. Kennedy’s first inaugural address.

Later, Biden concluded by saying, “it’s time to be on the march again. It’s time to get America moving again and as the man who will speak to you later today will tell you quite simply, our time has come.” 

Watch that speech here.


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