The El Paso Shooting Victims: Here Are Some of Their Stories – The New York Times

Ms. Luna said Mr. Benavides was an Army veteran and a bus driver for Sun Metro, El Paso’s public transit system. She said he had lived in El Paso his whole life and had been married to Patricia for over 30 years. Mr. Benavides had four brothers and three sisters, Ms. Luna said.

Ms. Luna said her godfather could be stubborn but was very sociable and would talk to anyone. “He would tell them about the military or his army days,” she said. “He was super-super giving, caring.”

Ms. Englisbee, 86, who was known as Angie, was talking on the phone with one of her sons just before 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, when she told him that she had to hang up because she was in the checkout line at Walmart.

That was the last the family heard from her, according to her granddaughter, Mia Peake, 16.

Mia said the family learned on Sunday evening that Ms. Englisbee was among the victims of the shooting. When the news came, Mia and her mother were in the car, driving to El Paso from their home in New Mexico.

“My mom could not stop crying, and I remember thinking, I can’t cry until we get there, I can’t cry until we stop,” Mia said.

Ms. Englisbee had seven children and a son who died in infancy, Mia said. Her husband died of a heart attack, leaving her to raise the children on her own.


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