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It’s estimated that Americans spend around six hours a day in their inbox. All that reading, writing, searching, and organizing email not only eats up our time but also our bandwidth, leaving little for the stuff we really need to get done. A number of mobile apps, however, are changing the way we interact with our email so that we can process messages more quickly and move on to more important tasks. These four lead the pack.


As its name suggests, Triage helps you sort through and prioritize email quickly so you can devote your attention to the messages that need it most. The app displays emails one at a time in a card format, rather than in a chronological list, so you can focus on each individually. If a message requires an immediate response, you can reply right from its card. If it doesn’t, just swipe down to mark it unread and keep it in your inbox or swipe up to archive it.

triage Triage

Triage presents each email message on its own card so you can focus on the one at a time.

Triage isn’t meant to replace your regular email client; you’ll need that to access any messages you’ve processed out of Triage. But if an oppressive inbox ails you, Triage is the treatment.

$3 for iOS


One of the most tiresome email chores is digging through your inbox for an attachment you need right now. Inboxcube eliminates that drudgery by putting your attachments front and center.

inboxcube Inboxcube

Inboxcube filters your email by attachment type and presents it in a visual display.

The app displays your inbox as a grid of cubes, each cube corresponding to a particular type of attachment: PDFs, photos, documents, links, contacts, and more. If you have multiple email accounts, the attachments for all of them are sorted to the appropriate cube. When you need to find a particular type of content, just tap the designated cube and you’ll see thumbnail previews of all those attachments. You can also use the search bar that appears atop every cube view to home in on what you need.

Free for iOS


At first glance, WeMail resembles a conventional inbox. But it actually sorts your messages by sender, so viewing email threads is more akin to SMS and IM. In addition to giving email messages a more conversational flow, it reduces your inbox size by more than half according to the app’s developers.


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