Telstra customers complaining they are still without internet despite the telco claiming the issue is fixed –

Telstra customers claiming to still be without internet, four days after a reported outage.

TELSTRA just can’t seem to get a break, with customers claiming to be without internet for the fourth consecutive day following the latest network outage.

The telcos fourth major network outage of the year occurred last Friday and saw 375,000 phone and internet customers across the country unable to get online.

Telstra released a tweet Friday night claiming the problem had been fixed, yet customers continued to complain of outages throughout the weekend.

On Sunday, the telco once again assured customers that the problem had been rectified and told anyone still suffering outages to restart their modems to fix the issue.

This troubleshooting obviously didn’t successfully resolve the issue, with a number of angry Telstra customers still taking to social media to voice their concerns.

Despite a constant flow of customer complaints on social media, Telstra is confident the initial outage has been resolved and only a small number of customers are experiencing difficulty.

“Telstra has fixed the issue affecting NBN broadband services,” a spokesman told

“For customers with connection issues, we are asking them to please restart their modem to help make a connection.

“Any customers who continue to have a problem, please contact us.

“We thank customers for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience.”

The issue comes after three outages suffered by Telstra customers earlier this year.

Two outages in March saw Telstra chief executive Andrew Penn issuing a grovelling apology, in which he accepted full responsibility for the problem and offered customers a “free” data day.

This followed a huge outage in February, which Telstra blamed on an “embarrassing” error made by a worker.


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