Tasmanian internet problems: ISPs secure extra bandwidth amid Basslink repairs – ABC Online


March 13, 2016 09:25:43

Internet service providers (ISPs) have told Tasmanian customers they will secure extra bandwidth from Telstra by Thursday, after complaints of slow and disrupted internet.

Providers have had to purchase capacity on Telstra’s private fibre-optic cable, after the Basslink undersea cable was cut on Friday for repair work.

The undersea link is used to import and export some power as well as fibre-optic internet between Tasmania and Victoria, and has been out of action since December

iiNet and Internode, both owned by TPG, service about 40 per cent of the state’s market but did not secure enough bandwidth for demand.

Basslink said Telstra offered them a “completely uncommercial” deal to move all their service providers, so individual companies were left to negotiate their own deals.

It is expected that Basslink will not be fixed until late May, and in the meantime ISPs have to use Telstra’s fibre-optic cables.

The state’s IT Minister, Michael Ferguson, said TPG has promised an improved service.

“They will be reviewing the situation with a view to purchasing additional capacity from Telstra,” he said.

Webpage designer Nathaniel Jeaneret is one of many whose businesses have been affected by the degraded internet service.

“I was working with a client and all of a sudden everything just sort of stopped,” he said.

“I thought that something had gone wrong at my end and then it just got worse and worse and worse.

“It basically just kept getting slower and more patchy, and then by the end of the day it was basically unusable.”








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