Subpoena for Mueller Report and Documents Approved by House Judiciary Committee – The New York Times

“The department is wrong to try to withhold that information from this committee,” Mr. Nadler said. “Congress is entitled to all of the evidence. This isn’t just my opinion. It is also a matter of law.”

But practically speaking, the subpoena does not ensure Congress will get what it wants. Mr. Barr could stall or outright defy their request, leaving the House with two options to enforce the subpoena: contempt of Congress proceedings or a court case. Both would take considerable time.

Republicans on the committee argued that Democrats were not on solid legal footing and were contorting past positions to serve their present political purposes. Representative Doug Collins of Georgia, the top Judiciary Committee Republican, said that though he shared Mr. Nadler’s interest in scouring Mr. Mueller’s investigation, the committee would be asking the attorney general to violate the law.

“As much as the chairman or I may want to view this material, it is a fundamental underpinning of our justice system and law that we cannot,” Mr. Collins said. “In the face of laws and rules he finds inconvenient, the chairman demands our nation’s top law enforcement official break the law instead of supporting him in enforcing it. This is reckless. It’s irresponsible. It’s disingenuous.”

Mr. Barr said the “principal conclusions” of the investigation found that the Trump presidential campaign did not take part in a conspiracy with Russia to undermine the 2016 election and that the evidence laid out by Mr. Mueller was insufficient to establish that the president had obstructed justice.


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