Stephen Colbert Weighs In On Donald Trump In Cincinnati – Deadline

The Democratic presidential candidate debates don’t offer a lot of time for reflection. Media outlets scramble to get up hot takes, and Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show is no exception.

So tonight, the luxury of time gave Colbert a chance to ponder not only what happened, “I mean, also, why happened?  It’s 20 people, and if I’m generous, six of them should be up there.”

Pivoting to tonight, Colbert noted that President Trump appeared at a rally in Cincinnati. “So, for once, chili on spaghetti was not the most disgusting thing in town!”

Colbert also ran a clip of a reporter asking Trump whether he anticipated more “send her back” chants at the Cincinnati rally (there weren’t). He equivocated on what he would do.

Colbert had an answer he thought the President should have given: “I don’t know what’s going to happen. What am I going to do, tell my whole audience to go back where they came from? That’s not what America is about, folks.”


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