State Department inspector general asks for ‘urgent’ Capitol Hill briefing – Washington Examiner

The State Department’s inspector general requested an “urgent” briefing with congressional staff about documents related to Ukraine after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed a subpoena from House Democrats.

State Inspector General Steve Linick plans to meet with staffers from several House committees on Wednesday, but it is unclear exactly what he plans to provide them. He did, however, indicate that the reason for the briefing is related to documents obtained from the department’s Office of the Legal Adviser in regard to the State Department and Ukraine.

The timing of the request suggests it could also be related to an intelligence community whistleblower complaint about President Trump’s July phone call with the president of Ukraine, during which he asked the foreign leader to investigate Joe Biden, the former vice president and his possible 2020 general election opponent. A congressional aide described the request as “highly unusual and cryptically worded.”

Linick’s ask also follows Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Tuesday response to a subpoena for Ukraine-related documents, in which he accused House Democrats of attempting to “bully” State Department employees.

Democrats subpoenaed Pompeo last week amid reports that he listened in on Trump’s phone call, which he confirmed early Wednesday morning, as part of their impeachment inquiry into the president following allegations that he set up a quid pro quo deal with the president of Ukraine.


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