Sri Lanka bombings: At least 207 people killed by explosions in Sri Lanka capital of Colombo, churches and hotels targeted — live updates – CBS News

Witness describes chaos in bombing’s aftermath

Witness to Sri Lanka bombings describes chaos in aftermath

A witness to one of the bombings, at a hotel by the zoo in Colombo, told CBSN about the chaotic aftermath that unfolded after the explosion. Asela Waidyalankara described hearing a large blast and rushing to see what had happened.

“Suddenly, near my residence, we heard a strong sound of an explosion, so I rushed up to my rooftop to observe what was going on, and I observed a small building from a location about 1 kilometer or less away from us,” Waidyalankara said by phone. “The closest landmark is the National Zoo of Sri Lanka, and we noticed within a few minutes there was a helicopter that approached the location and within a few more minutes we could hear ambulances and firetrucks coming into the area.”

“At that moment we realized this was probably a larger attack in connection to the chain of attacks that we witnessed,” he continued. “Incidentally so, the newswires picked it up, and said that two people had died in that particular explosion.”

“We as Sri Lankans are shocked and heartbroken,” Waidyalankara said. “But yet we will persevere.”


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