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DENVER – Technical issued plaguing Southwest Airlines, which forced the airline to check passengers in manually, kept going into Sunday night.

The problem caused huge lines Sunday at airports across the country, including Denver International Airport.

The airline’s website stated: “We are experiencing technology issues today which is requiring us to process Customers manually.  Please arrive to the airport at least two hours prior to your scheduled flight time.  We have teams across the system working diligently to determine a cause.”

Reports the Associated Press, Southwest warns passengers are advised to arrive to the airport at least two hours early Monday and print boarding passes ahead of time.

A 7NEWS MyReporter sent in photos of the long line at curb-side check-in and stacks of luggage being processed At Denver International Airport.

In many cases in Denver, when boarding passes couldn’t print, counter employees had to write out tickets by hand.

“I’m here four hours before my flight,” said Michaela Sakumura, who was flying from Denver back to Portland. “The glitch messed with my boarding position for sure. It was extremely frustrating.”

“I got word from my co-workers actually, that they were having some issues and that you needed to come in a little early,” said Lieka van de Liefvoort, who was flying from Denver to Phoenix. “I’m here three hours early.”

“Southwest Airlines completely mismanaged the situation at Las Vegas,” said Colorado resident Darren Bullock who was returning home from Las Vegas Sunday. “The technical issues only highlight their complete inability to manage a situation. Six hours in line in Las Vegas, coupled with exceptionally rude treatment by SWA employees, topped off with lost luggage in Denver. The only person to remotely offer an apology was a pilot who was riding as a passenger.”

Travelers across the country commented about their experiences on Southwest’s Facebook page and they varied airport to airport.

“The line in Vegas is all the way out to the parking lot! It’s a mess!!” Carrie Dorr Reinke posted.

“The line [in Las Vegas] is the length of 576 football fields,” Kim Ford said.

Multiple people posted complaints about having to wait outside in the Las Vegas heat without food, water or access to restrooms for more than four hours. However, others captured images of smiling Southwest employees handing out drinks to people in line.

“MAD PROPS to Southwest for giving us water!” Jeremy K. Gover posted.

“Atlanta is a mess and no one is willing to help,” Frankie Ciaramello commented, and posted a photo of an empty service desk.

“Same in Nashville at the check in,” Stephanie Ann replied.

It was a very different story in Orlando.

“They must have called in every employee at Orlando this morning! There was a huge line but every station was open to check bags so I got through in 15 minutes! Great job as always Southwest Airlines,” Frank Motola wrote.

About 450 flights had been delayed in departing (out of approximately 3600 flights scheduled to operate Sunday), the airline said in a statement released at 2 p.m. MT.

“We’re continuing to experience intermittent technical issues on platforms, the Southwest Mobile app, and in our phone centers, as well as in airports across our system today,” the statement read. “The issues are impacting website performance in creating new bookings and requiring us to process some Customers manually as they arrive for travel.”

Southwest hasn’t said what caused the problem. 

Officials at Denver International Airport say other operations are working normally.

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