Sex, celebrity and scandal takes over the Internet (in China) – Chicago Tribune

China is in the midst of one of its biggest celebrity scandals in recent memory, a messy divorce which, over the last week, has dominated the country’s Internet and turned ordinary social media fans into avid sleuths. 

Actor Wang Baoqiang on Sunday posted via Weibo, China’s Twitter, that his wife of seven years, Ma Rong, an actress, was engaged in an affair with his agent, Song Zhe. On Monday, Wang filed for divorce.

Since then, the scandal has become the biggest topic in Chinese cyberspace. The hashtag #WangBaoqiangDivorce on Weibo had been viewed 8.6 billion times as of late Friday afternoon — on average, more than six times for every one of China’s more than 1.3 billion people. Chinese Internet users have overwhelmingly rallied to the actor’s defense, with many even donating money to help cover his legal fees. 

“Since I married Ma Rong in 2009, I’ve kept my wedding vows; I’ve been sincere to her and loyal to my marriage,” Wang wrote in his original Weibo post, which has attracted 5.3 million “likes” and 3 million comments. “I protect my wife and take care of my children and all of our parents; I make efforts to be a good husband, dad and son. I work hard to provide a better living environment for my family. 


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