Romanians Make Fun of Bernie Sanders Over Internet Tweet – ABC News

From across the ocean, Bernie Sanders has managed to offend a good number of Romanians.

A Romanian travel agency on Thursday offered Sanders airline tickets to visit the country as residents alternately mocked or felt hurt by the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate, who said Romania had faster Internet than the U.S.

Sanders had criticized the low Internet speed in the U.S. in a Twitter post Wednesday.

“Today, people living in Bucharest, Romania, have access to much faster Internet than most of the US. That’s unacceptable and must change,” he posted.

Romanians reacted strongly Thursday, with some making fun of him and others saying they were offended. One Twitter user urged the U.S. to scrap visa requirements for Romanians so the country’s engineers could travel to the U.S. to fix its Internet problem.

Another created a new campaign poster for Sanders, who is trailing Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton: “Make America’s Internet speed great again: Invade Romania!”

Others were merely offended at Sander’s assumptions. One Twitter user wrote that it sounded like Sanders feels Americans are “entitled to being better than everyone else,” calling that attitude “very disrespectful.”

The travel agency offered Sanders tickets to “come over and experience our great Internet. You can tweet unlimited. Bring a friend, plane tickets are on us!”


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