The Vertical’s Shams Charania has a scoop that does not make the Milwaukee Bucks look very good. According to Charania, someone in the organization recently fell for a phishing scam, and sent players’ private financial data to a scammer.

How did this happen? In a way that is definitely going to result in some poor mid-level employee getting shitcanned:

In an email sent to Milwaukee players on Wednesday night, the franchise termed the issue as a “serious security incident” and took responsibility for an employee distributing 2015 IRS W-2 documents in an email scam in which team president Peter Feigin was impersonated, sources said.

Now whoever was posing as Feigin—let’s hope he was at least using an email address more convincing than—reportedly has the addresses, social security numbers, and compensation figures for all the players on the Bucks’ roster. According to Charania, the Bucks have notified the IRS and the FBI of the scam.


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