Read this before you buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Computerworld

I’ve been warming up to the Microsoft Surface line of tablets lately. The latest version, the Surface Pro 4, is a step in the right direction and has a few bells and whistles that might make you think twice before pre-ordering that fancy new Apple iPad Pro that comes out this month.

The Pro 4 is a tablet that acts like a laptop. It runs standard Windows apps, has a fast Intel Core processor (sixth generation) all the way up to the i7, and has a cover keyboard you can add for $130 that converts the tablet into a laptop you can use on the plane.

On paper, the Pro 4 is an incremental upgrade from the Surface Pro 3. It’s a hair thinner, a hair faster, and lasts a hair longer. In my tests, the screen on the Surface Pro 4 looks sharper and a bit more colorful, which makes sense since Microsoft says they’ve improved the display and made it a bit bigger and with a smaller bezel. (Dell is the leader in making devices with a screen that stretches all the way to the edges; the XPS 13 is still one of my favorite laptops.)

Before you split with your $899, though, there are a few things to keep in mind.


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