Reaction to Mueller Report Divides Along Partisan Lines – The New York Times

“The attorney general offered up a 400-page report that he wasn’t bound to provide,” Mr. Collins said. “The attorney general stands ready to testify before our committee and to have the special counsel do the same. Yet Chairman Nadler disregards all of this good-faith transparency without even taking the department up on its offer to review material under the redactions.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California has publicly opposed impeachment unless Democrats can attract bipartisan support in the House and the Senate, where 20 Republicans would be needed to achieve the two-thirds vote required for conviction.

Ms. Pelosi has scheduled a conference call for all House Democrats on Monday to discuss what she called “a grave matter.” Speaking to reporters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she was meeting with political leaders on Friday morning, Ms. Pelosi said she would not, as a matter of principle, criticize the president while out of the country.

But she signaled that Congress would not sit by. “We believe that Article I, the legislative branch, has the responsibility of oversight of our democracy, and we will exercise that,” she said.

She faces a restive liberal base that is pressing her to go further and open a formal impeachment inquiry.

“Many know I take no pleasure in discussions of impeachment,” Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the closely watched New York freshman, wrote on Twitter. “But,” she added, “the report squarely puts this on our doorstep.”

Other Democrats were more reticent, arguing that the party was better off litigating the future on the campaign trail.

“We should certainly see the entire, unredacted report,” said Representative Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey. “But if we spend the next six months obsessed with this alone, instead of job training, health care and infrastructure, that would be a big mistake.”


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