Peyton Manning shrugs off Tom Brady’s email, calls it ‘amateur hour’ –

Peyton Manning is not insulted by the fact that Tom Brady thinks that Manning’s career is going to be over soon.

One week after Tom Brady‘s private emails were made public, the Broncos quarterback was finally asked specifically about an email Brady wrote that said Manning’s career would be over within two years.

In the November 2014 email, Brady wrote to a friend that Manning’s career would be coming to a quick end, “I’ve got another 7 or 8 years. He has 2,” Brady wrote. “That’s the final chapter.”

Manning said on Wednesday that he wasn’t offended by the email at all and that Brady’s insult was “amateur hour” compared to some of the other things Manning has heard in his life.

“No harm, no foul, I didn’t think a lot of it,” Manning said. “Somebody said I was roasted, I’ve been roasted before and that is not roasted. I haven’t been on a Comedy Central roast, but I’ve been to a couple private dinners and banquets where I didn’t know it was going to turn into a roast of me, but it did. I can promise you that email was amateur night compared to some of the things that were said about me.”

The Broncos quarterback didn’t take offense to Brady’s email because Brady was just doing what everyone else has been doing with Manning’s career since 2011: Trying to guess how long he has left.

“Everybody has been speculating on that for a long time, so I guess he’s joining the list of trying to predict,” Manning said.

Manning might not have been offended by the email, but Brady felt bad enough that he apologized to Manning.

“Hey, Tom sent me an apology text that was unnecessary,” Manning said. “The fact his emails got revealed, that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.”

Brady’s private emails were revealed on Aug. 6 when several documents submitted by the NFLPA for Brady’s lawsuit were made public by the court.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are still friends. (USATSI)
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are still friends. (USATSI)


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