Pakistan’s Leader Offers to Release Captured Indian Pilot – The New York Times

Both nations wield nuclear weapons, and Britain, China, the United States and many other countries have been urging them to step away from conflict.

At a news conference after his summit meeting in Vietnam, President Trump said that there was “reasonably decent” news coming from India and Pakistan and “hopefully it’s going to be coming to an end.”

Along the border of the disputed region of Kashmir, which has been the flash point of trouble, residents said on Thursday that artillery shelling continued but that it was lighter than the days before.

The tensions increased this month after a militant in Kashmir rammed a carload of explosives into an Indian convoy, killing at least 40 Indian troops. Jaish-e-Mohammed, an outlawed group based in Pakistan and active in the Indian-controlled areas of Kashmir, took credit for the attack, prompting India to blame Pakistan.


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