Opinion | A North Korea deal that benefits Trump’s ambitions could be terrible for America – NBCNews.com

The most worrisome possible result of this week’s summit between Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is not that North Korea won’t denuclearize — it won’t — but that the president will foolishly take a bad deal that leaves the United States less secure.

The pre-summit speculation is that Kim will offer up an old nuclear test site or two, a rocket test stand and maybe portions of the Yongbyon nuclear site for international inspection. This may look good to Trump, but none of that is a big win in the world of nuclear diplomacy.

If that is all that Kim has to offer, the president is unfortunately still unlikely to walk away, given his self-aggrandizing quest for the Nobel Peace Prize. He will argue that closing the nuclear test site and rocket stand are achievements that belong to no other U.S. president — which would be factually accurate but materially irrelevant, given the scope of the North Korean nuclear program today.


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